I love Android, and iOS.

Android and iOS have always been at war with each other, some people love iOS, some people love Android. Neither iOS nor Android are perfect. Both are great, but both have flaws. The reason I’m making this article is because I want people to stop arguing over which mobile operating system is better. So I will be pointing out the pros and cons of both iOS and Android. Please note that this article is a tiny bit bias for Android.

The Pros and Cons of Android


Let’s start with the pros, Android is open source, meaning people can contribute code to it and help make the platform even better then it already is.

Android is also very customizable. Don’t like the default Launcher? Download a new one. Don’t like the icons, we got you covered. Want your phone to look like iOS, you can do that. You can make your Android phone look like almost anything. To customize your iPhone even a little bit you have to jailbreak. If you don’t like Android you can even flash a custom rom on your phone and get a whole new operating system. You can also install APK files from third party websites and apps such as the Amazon app store.

You can also buy a cheap Android phone such as the Moto G6, or the Nokia 6.1 Plus, and have most of the same features as flagship phones (aside from NFC, face recognition, and waterproofing), for only a forth of the price.

You don’t need the newest version to get app support. You can still upgrade Google Apps to the latest version on Android KitKat, and operating system from 2013.


Now for the cons of Android. Stock Android is great, but companies like Samsung put a bunch of touchwizz bloat on their Android phones. The bloat usually slows down the phone and they use up a lot of storage. When I buy a phone I always make sure it then stock Android, or can be flashed with a custom rom.

Google collects data off Android. Some people say they have nothing to hide, just ignore the data collection, I think those people are idiots.

My last con of Android is security. Android is pretty secure by default. However sometimes malware sneaks on the Play Store. As long as you don’t download the wrong thing off the Play Store, you should be fine, or try and install a one tap room service, you should be fine

The Pros and Cons of iOS


Apple’s iOS only has to target one phone. Android has to target tens of thousands of different phones and tablets. iOS really only has to target the iPhones and iPads. This means that bugs exclusive to one or two phones are really hard to find on iOS.

iOS doesn’t collect as much data as Google. While they do a little bit of data with Siri, for the most part iOS collects minimal data about you. As long as you don’t install Google apps, your phone is fine for privacy.

iOS is not bloated. It comes with very minimal apps and most of them (such as News, and Apple Music) can be removed. Carriers sometimes even add extra bloatware to Android phones.


You can’t customize iOS as much as Android, you are stuck with whatever Apple wants you to use. You can’t download custom launchers, or custom lock screens. I guess you can jailbreak, but you still can’t customize it to the extent of Android.

Apple also forces it’s ecosystem on you. iPhones are the gateway drug to the Apple ecosystem. All of Apple’s other devices seamlessly integrate into each other. For example, you could copy something on your phone, then paste it on your Mac. Send your friend’s a text message then continue it on iMessage. Apple makes it really hard to escape it’s ecosystem once you get stuck in it’s walled garden

You have to have an Apple ID to use iOS, and some people might not want to be forced to use an Apple ID. Some may argue that you need a Google account to install apps on Android, but you on Android you could install a third party store like F-Droid or the Yalp Store.


In conclusion, I don’t care about what phone operating system I’m running. As long as it’s stock Android (Marshmallow or above) or the latest version of iOS, I don’t care what OS my phone runs. I no longer pick phones based on just the OS, I pick phones based on the specs for the price.

If someone is telling you how much Android or iOS sucks, please share this article with them, maybe they will understand why you use your preferred operating system.

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